Monday, 8 February 2016

Screenprinting pylons

I produced these two screenprints of electricity pylons last week.

I've long had a "thing" about pylons and the lattices and negative space within them, so thought it was about time I produced some prints of them. It was also an opportunity to experiment with "reduction screenprinting" (does such a thing/term/process exist?).

Each print was produced with six colours but only two silkscreens - I used small pieces of tape to mask off small areas before printing each new colour over the last. It meant having to work fast before the ink dried in the screens, and also involved some very tricky and precise registration. As usual I used a heavy sheet of clear acetate to register each new colour.

I only printed a very small number of each image so won't be selling these, but I'm pleased with the technique and have plans for similar prints involving other similar structures - dockyard cranes, bridges, gasometers etc.

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