Thursday, 18 December 2014

Highgate Cemetery screenprints acquired by Museum Of London

Very pleased to announce that my two screenprints of Highgate Cemetery - shown below - were recently acquired by the Museum of London and added to their Print Collection. They'll be stored with the collection and can only be viewed online at the moment, but who knows, perhaps they'll make a public appearance at some point if the museum organises an exhibition in which they'd be relevant.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Fundraising screenprint for StokeyLocal

I've just finishing screenprinting this 4 layer CMYK screenprint to help raise funds for Stoke Newington's Stokey Local campaign. It's a limited edition of 40 prints on 300g Fabriano paper, it measures 30x40cm and is available to buy for just £40.

Importantly, every penny from the sale of these hand-pulled screen prints will go to the Stokey Local Community Fund, helping them to take their case to the Court of Appeal.

So, if you'd like to buy one of this limited edition of 40 prints and contribute to a worthy local cause, please contact me via email:

*** UPDATE 15.12.2014: 30 of 40 prints sold so far... ***

(If you're not acquainted with the details of Stokey Local's ongoing campaign against the proposed housing and retail development in Wilmer Place, Stoke Newington N16, you can read all about it here.)

For those who are interested in the process, the screenprint was printed with yellow, magenta, cyan and black inks in the order shown below:

First layer - Yellow
Second layer - Magenta
Third layer - Cyan
Final print with Black

Friday, 21 November 2014

We Built This City - revolutionising London's souvenirs

Last night I dropped in on the launch party of We Built This City, a great new pop-up shop on London's Carnaby Street which aims to "revolutionise the souvenir offering of London", offering a huge range of individual and amazing alternative souvenirs, from screenprints to ceramics, tea-towels to books. The WBTC team have done an fantastic job bringing it all together and everything is really beautifully displayed.

I'm very pleased to have five of my London screenprints included - four of my "No Underground. Get Over It" series and one of my "Magnificent Seven London Cemeteries" - amongst such great design company.

There are prints and products by Neil Stevens, Lucy Loves This, Ursula Hitz, James Brown, Victoria Eggs, Hoxton Mini Press and Alfred and Wilde, and many others.

If you're in London's West End over the next few weeks (the shop is open until Saturday January 10th) then drop by to see all the amazing London-based gifts and souvenirs that Alice Mayor and her We Built This City team has sourced.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fights of Fancy book has a new website

"Fights of Fancy", the little book of illustrated comic verse that I published earlier this year (written by Steve Redshaw and illustrated by myself) now has a new website with a handy button to buy it from Amazon.

We've also put up a page on Facebook - feel free to go and like it :-)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

CMYK halftone screenprint -Tom eating spaghetti

Yesterday I printed my first four colour (CMYK) halftone screenprint. I'm pretty happy with the result, particularly considering I printed it in my spare room with my home made exposure unit, and registered each colour using an acetate sheet. It was also quite a challenge making sure the screens were burned well enough to pick up all the halftones.

The image area is 22x27cm and individual colours are shown below as they were laid down.


Yellow and Magenta

Yellow, Magenta and Cyan

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Submission to Mail Me Art

I bought a copy of the Mail Me Art - Short & Sweet book about a year ago. The "Mail Me Art" project is co-ordinated by Darren Di Lieto, the brains behind The Little Chimp Society and Hire An Illustrator, and involves illustrators the world over posting postcards they've illustrated which will then be published in book form. Short & Sweet was the third such Mail Me Art project, and the current one is "Open All Hours" - not that the illustration has to be on that theme at all. 

I've been meaning to get round to submitting an image ever since, but I was a bit daunted by the one-shot nature of it - each submission must be on an official card, and must be hand drawn or painted rather than printed. Not much room for mistakes! I finally committed myself to it this week though, and the above image is the result. 

Below are the cover of the MMA Short & Sweet book, and the required photo of my postcard being posted. Here's hoping it arrives in a reasonable state!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Awkward First Meetings - #QuickDraw submission

Each Thursday at 7pm OFF LIFE magazine posts up a topic on Twitter using the hashtag #Quickdraw - the idea being that illustrators and comic book artists produce and post up an illustration by 8pm, ie within the hour. 
Yesterday evening the theme was "Awkward First Meetings" and I submitted the drawing above.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

F C Schadenfreude - the football club we ALL really support.

The "official" badge or crest of FC Schadenfreude, with the club motto "We sing when you're losing!".

Because let's face it, a huge part of being a football fan is the sheer pleasure of gloating at another team's dismal performance and humiliating scoreline.

Consider it the visual equivalent of Nelson Muntz's laugh and feel free to use the image above to taunt friends, colleagues and opposition fans on websites, and in forums and twitter feeds. At some point I might even look into getting it made as an embroidered patch.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hackney DIY Art Fair - 31st August 2014

The Hackney Flea DIY Art Market took place on August 30th and 31st, in Abney Hall, just off Church Street in Stoke Newington London N16. It was the first time I'd taken a stall at an event like this, and I wasn't sure what to expect so I shared a table on the Sunday with market regular Caz of Beetle and Wilde.

All in all it was a very good day - a steady stream of visitors, some great feedback and a fair few sales (my smiling chicken head print in particular sold well). I also met some great people, including Hastings-based illustrator Georgia Sawers, and Julieta and David from Stokey-based Pixel Press letterpress studio. 

It was certainly worthwhile enough to make me think I'll do it again and probably take a table to myself next time to be able to display more of my screenprints. I'll post details here and on Twitter when I know when that might be...

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

i-SPY Apocalypse - 7 mundane signs of the end-of-days

We all know about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, right? Famine, War, Pestilence and Death. Well here are seven slightly more mundane signs of the impending end of days. How many have you seen?

Festival Nightmare - #QuickDraw submission

Each Thursday at 7pm OFF LIFE magazine posts up a topic on Twitter using the hashtag #Quickdraw - the idea being that illustrators and comic book artists produce and post up an illustration by 8pm, ie within the hour. 

I'm not particularly fast at illustrating, often drawing an image two or three times before I'm satisfied with it, plus I'm often busy at that time on a Thursday. But last week I found the time to have a go and the picture above is my submission on the theme of Festival Nightmare.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chasing invoices

Taking part in "The Great Invoice Chase", a tedious but necessary event in the life of every freelancer.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"Fights of Fancy!" a book of illustrated comic verse.

Who would win a fight between a potato and a halibut? If a beagle squared up to a cockatoo, who would be the victor? What would be the outcome if a pirate fought a parrot?

The answers are all contained within "Fights of Fancy" - a small hardback book of illustrated comic verse that I collaborated on with my friend Steve Redshaw over the past few months. It's my second venture into publishing (the first was my Football Phrasebook, "Do you speak football?") and was printed by Ingram Spark.

It's currently on sale from my Etsy shop for £6.

Friday, 11 July 2014

"Let it rain!" - new screenprint

Hand pulled limited edition two colour screenprint of my "Let it rain!" illustration. So what if it's raining, you won't melt. Put away that umbrella and dance! Live life! A print for all of life's optimists and non-conformists in an edition of 10. 

"I'd kill for a coffee right now!" - illustration

Mid-afternoon slump? Coffee's your man. Just a quick mid-afternoon doodle.

Friday, 30 May 2014

New screenprint - Existential Reassurance

Yesterday I pulled this new black and silver screenprint. It provides existential reassurance by gently reminding you exactly where you are. It's the perfect print for the bedroom for those early morning "where the h*ll am I?" moments. Alternatively you can hang it in the hallway so that arriving and departing guests know exactly where they are.

Carefully printed by hand on white Fabriano 5 "Liscia" paper. Paper size 300x400mm and available from my Etsy shop natch.

As an experiment I also printed a version on a spare laminate floorboard I had knocking around. It's the first time I've screenprinted onto wood. I had to raise the screen as the wood is around 15mm thick, and registration was a bit tricky but I'm quite happy with the result. However because the floorboard was laminated the ink hasn't taken properly and scratches off quite easily. I'm going to look into lacquering or varnishing it as an experiment and I'll also try printing on other - untreated - pieces of wood. Watch this space.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Carpet design - weaving in progress!

Just over a year ago I posted about the non-profit social business Node and the great fair trade project they've set up with Kumbeshwar Technical School in Kathmandu, Nepal, which I visited when I was there last year. Basically, Node in their own words "work with the worlds best designers and illustrators and convert their images into the highest quality hand-made fair trade carpets", providing training and employment for disadvantaged people, mainly women.

I decided when I visited the school that I'd like to support the project and have a rug woven to my own spoecification, but it took me a few months to come up with a design I was totally happy with. (Because the thread that they use is Tibetan wool which is hand-dyed, there's a specific palette of colours available, and also, any lines within the design have to be a minimum thickness so that they can be translated effectively into the woven design).

Because the rugs are carefully hand-woven, and because all their rugs are made to order, it takes a while to produce each one. My design's currently in production and Chris Haughton from Node has just sent me the photos below of the rug being woven. It's looking great, and I can't wait to receive it - obviously I'll post photographs of it when it arrives.

Other beautiful rugs woven through this fair trade scheme (by design and illustration luminaries like Chris HaughtonSanna Annukka, Lesley Barnes and Donna Wilson) are on sale from the Design Museum Shop.

Monday, 28 April 2014

"Do You Speak Football?" A handy book of illustrated soccer phrases in 7 languages,

"Do you speak football?" is a handy soccer phrasebook with 22 key football phrases translated into seven languages - Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

It's the result of my first foray into the world of self-publishing. I wanted to make a small hardback book partly to find out how self-publishing works and to understand the actual process, and partly just for the fun of holding my own little book in my clammy little hands. (I'm planning to write another post soon about the experience as there's not much info out there, and specifically my experience of using Ingram Spark's self-publishing Print On Demand services).

Thus far I've only printed up a handful of books for family and friends, but it is available to buy from my Etsy shop if anyone's interested.

Monday, 20 January 2014

New screenprint - Cassette Hounds

So, here's my new limited edition 3 colour screenprint - Cassette Hounds.

Remember cassette tapes? Of course you do. Remember how they needed walking twice a day? Probably not, everyone conveniently forgets that detail. This little baby comes in two bright colourways and is a very limited edition of 6 prints in each. It's the first completely new screenprint I've done in a while, as I spent a lot of last year reprinting the open editions of my "No Underground. Get Over It" series.

For those interested in the technicals, it measures a handy 30x40cm, is printed on lovely 300gsm Fabriano 5 Liscia paper. Each print is signed and is available to buy from my little old online shop.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Goodbye to Elphick's in Columbia Road

Very sad to hear the other day that Elphicks in Columbia Road will be closing. The shop's been there since 2007 and has been a showcase and outlet for a great number of printmakers and artists. Sharon who owns the shop has been stocking and selling some of my pieces for the past couple of years, in particular my London Fields screenprint. The shop will be closing in just a few weeks and all prints are reduced by 20%, so if you're in that area then drop by and grab yourself a beautiful bargain.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Say Hello to 2014

Happy 2014. Another year is upon us - let's hope 2014 brings us all what we want and hope for, rather than what we deserve. Even those of us with monkeys for brains.