Friday, 30 May 2014

New screenprint - Existential Reassurance

Yesterday I pulled this new black and silver screenprint. It provides existential reassurance by gently reminding you exactly where you are. It's the perfect print for the bedroom for those early morning "where the h*ll am I?" moments. Alternatively you can hang it in the hallway so that arriving and departing guests know exactly where they are.

Carefully printed by hand on white Fabriano 5 "Liscia" paper. Paper size 300x400mm and available from my Etsy shop natch.

As an experiment I also printed a version on a spare laminate floorboard I had knocking around. It's the first time I've screenprinted onto wood. I had to raise the screen as the wood is around 15mm thick, and registration was a bit tricky but I'm quite happy with the result. However because the floorboard was laminated the ink hasn't taken properly and scratches off quite easily. I'm going to look into lacquering or varnishing it as an experiment and I'll also try printing on other - untreated - pieces of wood. Watch this space.

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